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AI can deliver faster differentiated Key Knowledge for drug (re)positioning, treatments optimization and innovation of stakeholders in healthcare


Pharmaceuticals, biotechs, patient associations and foundations for health want a more fertile R&D while at best only 1 out of 14 entering the clinical phase will get an FDA approval (Dowden & Munro - 2019). 

MDs and health centers want a better knowledge of possible response to treatments in order to optimizing prescriptions and care pathways.


Public health authorities and health insurers want to improve their policies, resources allocation and economic models.


Because every stakeholder in the healthcare system needs better and less risky decision-making, AI for Health solutions can allow faster Key Knowledge from Health Big Data with main trends and clear low noice signals.

Only Health Experts & Data Driven Research and Open Innovation can enable serendipity and reduce decision-making risks


Medicine is an art. Therefore we can share the conviction that experience, expertise, intuition, sense of others, transparency, confidentiality and ethics are crucial for the effectiveness and the efficiency of collaborative AI for Health projects.

Therefore we promote task forces approaches for associating MDs, pharmacists, biologists with computer and data scientists and Health Business developers, economists, regulators, ethical referents and executives.

And Health Data remaining always yours, we access to them - or to consolidated information got from them - with respect to your and national rules and regulations. 

Therefore only Health Experts & Data Driven Research & Open Innovation can avoid the "black box" effect and build trust in Health Data and AI technologies in order to get faster and deeper key knowledge, to enable serendipity and to reduce decision-making risks. 

Share the development and the use of our Champollion.AI.Platform for Health with us!

We can share the mind of Champollion applied to Health Data. Like hieroglyphs, scientific literature, patent, "omics" and real-world data bases can indeed deliver their full potential of Key Knowledge with the integration of both AI technologies and health experts.

For improving the odds percentage of your projects, your decision-making process and the value of your assets, you can join our under-development  Champollion.AI.Platform for Health as a "Pioneer Partner" with your own subject related to drugs and diseases.


You can also take benefit from our 2 other solution(s) based on Health Experts & Data Driven Research and Open Innovation approaches:

  • Off-the-shelf INSILIANCE solutions for drug (re)positioning or treatments & care pathways optimization

  • Expertise in Health Data & Experts integration in your projects


​We can imagine a fair agreement with you.