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​Together, Health & BioData Science researchers and experts can deliver faster key knowledge, attract serendipity and improve decision-making 


Because medicine is an art, we have the conviction that experience, expertise, intuition, sense of others, transparency, confidentiality and ethics are crucial for the effectiveness and the efficiency of AI for Drug (Re)positioning & Treatments Optimization consortiums and projects.

Therefore, we always associate MDs, pharmacists and biologists with computer and BioData scientists and, if necessary, business developers, economists, regulators, ethical referents and executives.

And we access to Health Data Bases, or get consolidated information from them, with respect to rules and regulations. 

For INSILIANCE and partner researchers and experts, the main interest is we can avoid the "black box" effect and build trust in Health Data, AI solutions and results in order to get faster key knowledge, attract serendipity and improve decision-making.

All the researchers and experts need specific AI solutions to get, not only numbers, but meaning and semantic knowledge from Health Data, quickly 

Pharmaceuticals, biotechs, patient associations and foundations for health want a more fertile CNS & non-CNS R&D while at best only 1 out of 14 entering the clinical phase will get an FDA approval (Dowden & Munro - 2019). 


MDs and health centers want a better knowledge of possible response to treatments in order to optimizing prescriptions and care pathways.


Public health authorities and health insurers want to improve their policies, resources allocation and economic models.


Every stakeholder in healthcare wants to improve projects efficiency and reduce risks. Therefore, all the researchers and experts need to get, not only numbers, but meaning and semantic knowledge from health data quickly, all the more so with the multiplication of sources and the explosion of volumes.


This is why INSILIANCE focuses its expertise on developing specific AI solutions for all of them who are committed to Drug (re)positioning & Treatment Optimization and have to take sensible decisions. 

Share with us the mind of Champollion in Health & AI Scientific Consortiums & Projects for Drug (re)positioning & Treatments Optimization


We can share the mind of Champollion applied to Health Data. Like hieroglyphs, scientific literature, patent, "omics" and real-world data can better deliver their full potential of meaning and semantic knowledge.

For improving the recognition of your experts, your data, your AI solutions and your institution, the odds percentage of your projects, your decision-making processes and your economic model:

  1. you can take benefit from our expertise in Health & AI Scientific Consortiums & Projects engineering and funding

  2. you can use our Off-the-shelf INSILIANCE KEY KNOWLEDGE AI solutions developed with internal and partners' researchers & experts

  3. you can join our CHAMPOLLION.AI.PLATFORM project (under-development) as a "Pioneer Partner".


In a dynamic of an Health & AI scientific consortium or bilateral project approach, INSILIANCE  can imagine a fair agreement with you.