HYPERFOCUS. A Pure player of AI for CNS Drug (Re)positioning, Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment Optimization  

All over the world, patients need precise diagnosis, drug treatments (7 000 orphan diseases), or more efficient treatments


They deserve a more fertile R&D while at best only 1 out of 14 drug-candidates entering the clinical phase will get an FDA approval (Dowden & Munro - 2019) and while its overall $165B budget in 2019 led to only 48 FDA of them.

Therefore, INSILIANCE - a name composed of Insilico and Alliance - focuses its mission, resources, strategy and collaborations on AI for CNS Drug (Re)positioning, Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment Optimization, with AI considered as a high potential lever for innovation.

VALUE CREATION. AI can reduce risks and costs, attract serendipity, provide key-knowledge and improve decision making


Drug (re)positioning is a human and data-driven environment with a massive of data such as medical images, genomic profiles, metabolites, molecular structures and scientific information.


AI can use machine learning and deep learning to correlate, assimilate, and connect these structured and unstructured big data more rapidly in order to help discover patterns in the data pools and to provide possible hypotheses for CNS drug (re)positioning, clinical diagnosis and drug treatments.

Therefore, INSILIANCE focused its expertises to get key knowledge immediatly from "Omics", Scientific Literature, Pharmaceutical Patents, Web & Real-World Data Bases, then in the near future from connected objects and apps with respect to regulations and patients privacy.

TEAM APPROACH. Validating health data, algorithms design and results requires BioData Scientists, Health professionals and Executives collaborations   


Because medicine is an art, experience, expertise, intuition, sense of others, transparency, confidentiality and ethics are crucial for the efficiency and the effectiveness of AI for CNS Drug (Re)positioning, Clinical Diagnosis & Treatment Optimization projects. 


And each partner in an AI project wishes to avoid any "black box" effect throughout the process, from the selection of data sets to the exploitation of results, including the algorithm fine-tuning.

Therefore, INSILIANCE always associates MDs, pharmacists and biologists with computer and BioData scientists and, whenever needed, business developers, economists, regulators, ethical referents and executives, in projects.

CONSORTIUMS. We can share the mind of Champollion applied to Health Data with collaborative projects

If patients want drugs with a high therapeutic value, MDs want a better knowledge of possible response to treatments in order to optimizing drug prescriptions. And public health authorities and health insurers want to improve resources allocation.

Like hieroglyphs, scientific literature, pharmaceutical patents, "omics", real-world data and also data from connected objects, apps and Web can better deliver their full potential of meaning and semantic health key knowledge.

Therefore, INSILIANCE is developing the CHAMPOLLION AI PLATFORM to help every partner committed to CNS Drug (Re)positioning, Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Optimization.

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